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SirDirk Original
SirDirk Jul 1 '18
Has anyone tried Zipfizz before a run?  from what I read it takes about 15 minutes to kick in but has B12 which is a good energy booster.  just wondering what your thoughts are.
Average_Jbob Original
Average_Jbob Jul 2 '18
I have been using Zipfizz for a while now. . .I got a bunch at the Health Expo before this years O.C. Half Marathon.  I would NOT recommend using them BEFORE a run.  At least it wouldn't be a good idea for ME!  Don't get me wrong, I really like them and they are great for AFTER a run since they seem to help with recovery. . .BUT for ME, they ALSO get my bowls moving pretty quickly afterward!  So if I took one before a run it just might very awkward very quickly!  :)

Again, LOVE the product. . .but for me it's best used AFTER a run!

johnnyquick Jul 15 '18
That is a good advise. I have heard of it, but not tried yet. I gues I will try it when I am done after training and I am already in my house, in case I need.
SirDirk Original
SirDirk Aug 12 '18
I didn't have that reaction to it, luckily.  I bought two packs at of it at Cosco and it does make the water taste better!  I will try it out for a while and see how it goes, I run at night so I worry about it keeping me up, I like the recovery benefits but if I can't sleep at night I could only use it on the weekends. 
SirDirk Original
SirDirk Aug 21 '18
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