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johnnyquick Jun 24 '18
What is your main protein source?

Mine is just boiled eggs, fish and chiken breast.
This is not the only thing, but I say main source, since I dont  need to think a lot, they are easy to get, easy to cook, fast to cook, so they are really convenient.

I always complement with cooked vegetals, beans, cheese other days, etc.

Sometimes I get bored, but they a regular for all the convenience.
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Average_Jbob Original
Average_Jbob Jun 24 '18
I like to mix Tuna with chopped up pickles in a bowl and then put 2-3 fried eggs (sunny side up) on top. . .with the yokes still runny it makes for a very high protein meal for after a long run or hard gym workout!  Sounds disgusting, I know, but it takes better than it sounds (or looks)!
johnnyquick Jun 24 '18
I will try it, really thats doesnt sound so disgusting, it sounds a lot better that the raw egg whites that I take once in a while.
yanah Jul 30 '18

For me it's definitely chicken, ground beef, eggs and protein bars.

Chicken because it's relatively inexpensive and easy too cook and goes with pretty much anything.

Ground beef again because it's not expensive and I usually end up mixing it with yams/sweet potatoes for a good protein and carb mix.

Eggs are my go to breakfast. I make a 3 or 4 egg omelette (and although it's not quite enough food, I barely make it until my next snack time).

Protein bars are stocked at my desk. I always like to have a few cases at work so that I can eat one every two hours or so between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and supper. Otherwise, I have a hard time making it through the day because I feel like I need to eat.

SirDirk Original
SirDirk Aug 21 '18
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