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yanah Jul 29 '18

Some people say that they really like to have yogurt before their run in the morning. This is because they believe that it has a good amount of protein as well as sugar that make it a good combination of protein and carbohydrates (which it does). People also mentioned that yogurt has a lot of probiotics and other healthy ingredients.

However, I don't believe that it would be good before a run but maybe it's because my stomach just isn't a big fan of dairy before and during a run. Also, I think that the probiotics, while good most of the time, may stimulate a certain body function and gas (TMI) during a run? I found that a few of my friends experienced stomach cramps after eating yogurt as well before a run, so I'm glad that I'm not alone in this.

I do, however, enjoy yogurt at other times, just not when I'm running.

Have you had any positive and/or negative experiences with yogurt before a run? What happened?

Average_Jbob Original
Average_Jbob Jul 30 '18
I've heard people talk about yogurt and steel cut granola before an endurance event and they swear that it's great.  However I've never tried it because I know that yogurt and granola, while good for me, are a bit to high in fiber for my liking right before an event!  I shun anything that hints of fiber or dairy from the night before an event until after completing it because I know it's going to cause an un-welcome 'movement'!  Maybe it's just part of 'different people react differently' and needing to know how your body works, but for me I tend to perform better when my stomach is mostly empty.  I carb load the 6 days leading up to my event so I know there's plenty of energy stores to start out and I'll have my Clif Gels for protein boosts during the event.  Making sure that my stomach/digestive system are 'spun down' for the start is key for me both mentally and physically.  I'll typically only have a slice of white bread with VERY LITTLE peanut butter on it for breakfast about an hour or two before the event and then a Clif Gel 15 to 20 minutes before the start and that's it.  Works for me so far!  :)
yanah Jul 30 '18


I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I also stay away from fiber and dairy before an event. I believe that it would be OK 2 days before an event because it will have enough time to go through your digestive system and you should be good to go before your run.

For me, it's usually white bread toast, banana and an energy drink (yes, I drink redbull and monster energy drinks before endurance events). Some people advise against it, but I've never had a problem with energy drinks. I've been having energy drinks so often, that I think my body is used to them! LOL

When you do the marathon, that may not be enough calories for you. You will definitely want to try to eat a bit more before your marathon. Also, you should increase your Gel intake during the race because the body burns through carbs in about 2 hours into an endurance event. I recommend experimenting with different fuelling strategies during your long training runs. In the past, I used to do long depletion runs to try to force my body to perform on a carb deficit (I do not recommend doing that too often, maybe once every 6 weeks).

Average_Jbob Original
Average_Jbob Jul 30 '18
Thanks for the advice yanah. . .

The Marathon is definitely un-charted territory for me!  I might have mis-communicated above. . .I have a Clif Gel 15 - 20 minutes before the event. . .but I DO have Clif Gels DURING the event also!  :)  During my Half Marathons I'm taking a Clif Gel around every 4 miles. . .how much higher do you think I'd need to up it past that?  I know each Gel is 100 carbs and I'm burning on average 115 per mile (according to my Garmin), so that puts me at a deficit of 360 carbs (burning 460 and ingesting 100). . .I guess I don't know exactly how much storage I have to start with so I see your point to possibly needing more in my stomach to start with.  Typically I do train with my refueling strategy AND what I'm planning on using so I can see how my body reacts to it.  I tend to stretch things a little further than I probably should while training (Clif Gel every 6 miles instead of every 4).  I do that for similar reasons as to what you stated, only I wouldn't call it a carb deficit state in my case, but more of 'running on less' than what my ideal conditions will be.

As for Red Bull and Monster Energy drinks before a race. . .not for me!  :)  I'd have a serious issue with a body crash about mid race if I tried that I think.  Maybe it's an age thing?  Those drinks never seemed to affect me adversely in my 20's and not too bad in my 30's. . .but now in my 40's my metabolism changed and my stomach / digestive chemistry is a whole different thing!  :)  Maybe that will be the case for you too?  Time will tell!  For now, as always, do what works for where you are currently and adjust as you need to!  :)

SirDirk Original
SirDirk Aug 21 '18
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