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SirDirk Original
SirDirk Jun 22 '18
I bought a bottle of "The Runner's Multivitamin" by "BNatrl" but I can't tell if there is any real benefit or not.  I have been taking them for a couple of months now just don't notice anything.

Any thoughts?

Average_Jbob Original
Average_Jbob Jun 22 '18
The most recent things I've been seeing about 'Vitamins' in general is that you really shouldn't need them in pill form.  Once you remove most vitamins from the foods the naturally appear in you lose a large amount of their potency.  Now, I'm not a nutritionist and cannot explain it factually. . .and I'm sure having a post linked here to someone with credentials would be MUCH better. . .I unfortunately can only say that I have been reading this recently.  Better than taking vitamins in pill form is to understand what foods have the vitamins you need and make sure you are eating those.  Or to state it like I was talking to elementary students. . .eat a well balanced diet!  :)  If you need more calcium, drink milk or eat spinach.  Need Vitamin C?  Eat carrots or oranges.  There's just something about how your digestive system absorbs vitamins when they are in their natural delivery system (foods they are present in) that cannot be duplicated in pill form where the majority of the vitamin gets passed along and discarded.

Again, not a nutrition expert or anything. . .just happened to be reading about this topic recently. . .if I can find a link to what I was reading I'll post it. . .and if anyone can post evidence that MY post was a load of manure, then I'll gladly shut up about it!  :)


Ok. . .I found one credible article that points out how to determine wether or not a Vitamin supplement could be good or not. . .meaning that it should be on the legit side and not the scam side of things:


I feel pretty good about what I was saying since this site backs up most of it but also points out that some supplements can be good and then educates you as to what to look for on the label! 

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johnnyquick Jun 24 '18
Good info.

I think vitamins in general, not just athletes are sorrund by myths.
All vitamins existes in natural way in foods, but some people could have problems absorving, I dont know really.

The other side is that is a great bussiness and pharma indsutry is always going to say that pill and really necesary.
yanah Jul 30 '18

I've never heard of that particular multivitamin that was discussed in the original post. The general consensus is that if we eat the right foods in the right quantities then we should not need a multivitamin. The vitamins that you get from pills are not exactly the same vitamins as you get from carrots, tomatoes, oranges, and other healthy vegetables and fruits. However, unfortunately, our society has become "too busy" to cook and to eat mindfully. I know that I often don't cook and I don't honestly think that I get enough vitamins from my food because I don't eat enough vegetables and fruit, even though I know I should.

Whenever I get bloodwork done, they usually tell me if I have any deficiencies in anything. I've definitely taken to supplementation to make up those deficiencies and the blood work has shown that the numbers improved.

Before determining if you really need a vitamin supplement, re-assess your nutition and if you have a chance, get some bloodwork done to see if anything is missing. If things are missing, then supplementation is worth considering. Other than that, if you are healthy and everything is within the normal ranges, then you should save yourself the money. Just my thoughts.

SirDirk Original
SirDirk Aug 21 '18
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