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johnnyquick Jul 24 '18
When people is starting always find some obstacle, but it dissapears over time, or you learn to deal with it.

My begginer issue was chest pain, it happened in the past too, when I was playing street soccer with a small team, was not offical so the few players had to run more.

It happened me when I started to run, but then dissapeared, I guess it was due to be out of shape then, I think it is not dangerous.

Do you ever had chest pain or other issue when running?
Average_Jbob Original
Average_Jbob Jul 24 '18
I had knee issues at first.  I ran out of breath real fast in the beginning because I was out of shape, but that improved over time.  My knees hurt a lot at first, but after months of sticking with it they got better.  I believe I simply had to build up the muscles around the knees so that they would help support the joints.  I couldn't claim I was just not 'good at running' because I hadn't been running.  It wasn't until I was willing to 'suck at running' for long enough that I became a decent runner.
yanah Jul 27 '18
I would definitely be out of breath within the first 5 minutes of running. I used to also compare myself to all the runners who are faster than me and I would get sad over the fact that I couldn't keep up. However, what I failed to realize at the time is that the people I was comparing myself to were training all the time and had much more experience on the road. My other issue was foot pain, knee pain and hip pain. I would also find myself tightening my lower back too much and it would get sore too after a run. Not only that, but I used to make excuses as to why I can't get out for a run on a certain day. Every time I used to try to speed up, I would also get a side stitch. All of the above are normal things that happen when we start running. That being said, it doesn't happen that way to everyone but I was a total disaster of a runner when I started.