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yanah Jul 23 '18

I'm wondering, what are some of your favorite books about running and why do you like that particular book. What did you learn from reading that book? Were you successful at being able to implement what you learned in the book and how did it help your running?

I'm always looking for new and inspirational running books to read and review on my blog. Right now, my two favorite books are Born to Run and Usain Bolt's Faster Than Lightning.

SirDirk Original
SirDirk Aug 4 '18
I dont think that i have ever read a book on running, I always go to the internet and read a article or a forum on sites like GoRunaMuck.com, Runners World or MapMyRun etc.  life has gotten so busy that i find my "reading" has come in the form of audio books while running or driving, life has gotten so busy i have to make time for things running or I would never get to them.  

So I guess my current source of running information comes from GoRunaMuck.com