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Average_Jbob Original
Average_Jbob Aug 29 '18
Hey guys. . .I'm just curious to know what you might use to motivate yourself to keep training on a daily / weekly basis?  For me, I find that if I don't have a specific event that I'm signed up for I tend to slack off.  Specifically, I need an event on the horizon that frightens me a bit.  That fear can take a few different forms. . .it could be the fear of failure, or maybe just the fear of not achieving a PR.  Right now I've got a couple of Spartan Beasts coming up where I'm helping 2 different people to finish and achieve their first ever TriFectas. . .it's not so much a fear of failure for that one, but more a fear of not being able to encourage them as much if I'm not in great enough shape to not need encouragement myself!  :)  On the FEAR of failure side, I'm planning on attempting to complete my first ever FULL MARATHON in 2019. . .that's one that I remind myself of when I'm out for a long run. . .the Marathon is coming. . .the Marathon is coming. . .

So what do you guys use to motivate yourself?

SirDirk Original
SirDirk Aug 29 '18
For me my training really falls off if I don't have an event or not in a challenge.  I  train best if I am doing one of the challenges like the "Run everyday for 30 days".  When I am in a challenge I can force myself to be consistent, I think being accountable to a group of people I know via a running challenge really helps me.  When I am just running with no challenge, event or goal I find myself not running at all.