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yanah Jul 29 '18

We all know that sometimes life gets in the way and it's difficult to prioritize running over other things. A lot of time, when we set a running goal, we get super excited and then slowly, we either get injured, become too busy, experience some challenges in our personal lives and running falls by the wayside.

My biggest challenges were definitely injuries and time constraints. I work a lot (I wish days were not 24 hours sometimes!!) and I've previously been injured. Whenever I have been injured, I would get very disappointed in myself because I wasn't able to run as fast and it's overwhelmingly hard to stop comparing myself to where I used to be before the injury.

My question to you all: what were/are some of the challenges that can potentially stand in the way between you and your running goals? How did you deal with those challenges and what did you do to overcome them?