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SirDirk Original
SirDirk Jun 18 '18

Now that I am running a lot more I have been drinking a lot more water to stay hydrated. 
Should I be increasing my sodium intake and if so by how much?
I am training for long distance, 30+ miles a week

Average_Jbob Original
Average_Jbob Jun 18 '18
From everything I've read I would caution you about increasing your sodium intake unless you are experiencing extreme cramps.  Sodium will cause you to retain water, which might be what you want, but it's a very delicate balance before you will start to bloat and cause yourself harm.  Maybe just being more mindful of allowing yourself to have something higher in sodium like bacon or even a hot dog or two during the week. . .or mix in a few gatorades instead of water. . .but I wouldn't worry too much.  General rule is to listen to your body. . .I find that if I've been running a lot and I am craving salty foods, then it's OK for me to have them. . .but I wouldn't force myself to take sodium just because I've been running a lot.  If your body is happy the way you are training, eating, and drinking. . .then keep doing what you are doing and don't break what isn't broken! 

Congrats on your 30+ miles a week though!  That's pretty intense!  Going for a 120 mile month?  Wow!  I feel like I need to step up my own training! 

SirDirk Original
SirDirk Jun 19 '18
I can't seem to drink enough water, I always seem to be dehydrated that's why I was thinking of increasing my sodium intake.  I know that your sodium to potassium balance is important and with all the sweating I didn't want to loose too much sodium.
johnnyquick Jun 24 '18
Most people dont need extra sodium if they are having a balanced diet. But some people could need the extra sodim if they are having thyrod issues, so it would be a good idea to see a professional. Also excess of water is not recommended in such case. That happened to  a friend, then doctor recommended more sodium and necesary but no extra water.

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yanah Jul 30 '18

In general, the majority of foods in North America are already high in sodium. Pretty much everything has some salt in it one way or another. The rule of thumb is that you should be mindful of how your body feels, just like what Spartan_Jbob said.

Healthy adults should get about2,000 to 2,300 milligramsof sodium per day, which is very easy for us to get even without thinking much of it. Runners may take a little more. However, you should pay attention to your blood pressure if you increased your sodium recently because I've read that too much sodium can increase your blood pressure.

In conclusion, if you feel good and you are running more, I don't think you need to change anything. If you are finding that you get cramps, bloating, nausea and other symptoms of such nature, then you may want to look at that. Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it too much.

SirDirk Original
SirDirk Aug 21 '18
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