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Some quests can be quite great for Exp and ones can be used to jump ahead in certain skills, skipping a lot of the levels. Quests also can unlock a bunch of other skills, gear, and new areas Dragon Slayer is the quest at the conclusion of F2P that unlocks the F2P armor that is best. So it might be cheap RuneScape gold worth trying to finish Quest, but for a brand new runescape player, it may continue to be good to train abilities also. And with quests, they will give boosts and wo replace training that is regular.

One more matter is that you shouldn't feel bad about looking up things or asking other runescape players for aid, especially. It can be enjoyable to play runescape blind and try to perform quests with no manual, but if you get stuck on something or do not enjoy there, there are a lot of tools that will help you out. Like 95 percent of runescape players if not more used quest guides to assist them even if it is just to check what items they need in advance or such. The place these days to look things up is the OSRS Wiki, which official encouraged from in-game and the site with links.

A lot of the other items I'd mention would apply more to members and with fresh runescape participant posts like this, it isn't always clear if it is referring to F2P (Free to perform ) or maybe not. To quickly explain what the difference is, the F2P edition of runescape is just a sliver of the game but it still does offer a piece of content and it makes for a good introduction to runescape. Members offers a much larger map using several abilities, dozens more quests, tons of critters and gear, and plenty of other content. Membership can be gained by paying a monthly fee or using in-game gold to buy a bond for 14 days of membership; bonds are rather costly making them hard to earn F2P, but once you have Members you'll have access to better money-making methods therefore that it isn't as difficult to maintain.

I prefer to buy membership instead of using bonds so that I can play to advance rather than play to maintain membership, so I know it is well worth the price for me, but I have been enjoying for over a decade. For a brand new runescape players, I'd usually suggest to adhere to F2P for a bit to get a sense of a runescape initially and attempt members if you're still curious. However, if you are interested already, membership does provide stuff that may benefit in the early game so in the event that you believe you'll be playing for a while it is not bad to go for membership. So I believe I will leave it there Anyhow, this is a post that is fairly large. But should you have some questions suggestions for members content, feel free to ask and I'd be glad to can you buy gold on old runescape help more.
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Making certain that their games were performed to Mut 20 coins sim and find out someone and coordinating with a lot of different people had not finished yet sucks. Together with the ability to rewind a week you could remove these kinds of issues rather than make simming feel like a herculean event.Madden barely watched the yield of the Pro Bowl, which in and of itself was so odd that it wasn't in the game. Players wish to see that the yield of a Senior Bowl that is playable. Players may experience Madden gameplay with faculty uniforms, and the Draft Class platform enables rookie classes that are customizable.

Combining these two things doesn't seem like too bizarre of an inquire. A Senior Bowl encounter could give people added information concerning the prospects they're looking to draft.For the longest period, the contract program in Madden has been lackluster. The game doesn't include non-guaranteed and guaranteed years and a means isn't to extend or restructure contracts prior to a player's contract runs out. Offering contracts to players is very bare-bones and there is no way to add bonuses. The contract system needs an overhaul and refreshes to better reflect the sorts of contracts NFL players are currently negotiating.

It's odd that in 2019 you can't hire or fire any coordinators in the Madden franchise. Everything you do is select on a particular strategy and the coach that matters is your head coach. Not only does the game must attract back coordinators and provide gamers the ability to hire, fire, and promote people in their staff, the coaches need evaluations themselves.There needs to be more role-playing game mechanisms thrown into the training and management side of things when it comes to franchise mode.

It appears that the computer-controlled teams make more and buy Madden nfl 20 coins more idiotic and unrealistic trades which ruin the immersion of the franchise style. Teams are prone to trading for players at a position where they have a starter that is great, and frequently the transactions are greatly one-sided. The AI, generally speaking, needs a complete overhaul so they conduct themselves marginally realistically.Training camp is a huge portion of each NFL team's offseason, and the strides made in those dog days of Summer often translate to the field once the season starts. It's a shame that players have the ability to encounter this in their Madden franchise mode.
That being said, there's also a risk that Diablo 4 Gold the personality is actually a priest of Rathma. However, seeing the way he interacted from the trailer that is cinematic, it is more probable that he was Rathma himself. The setting opens up a ton of paths for Diablo 4 and after installments. Take note that the summoning incantation in the cinematic trailer has been"by three they come, by three ways opens" It's likely with regard to the three prime evils Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal returning in Diablo 4, or the three souls that need to be forfeited.

Lilith may help Rathma Inarius from his eternal torture. There is likely to be another battle between the armies of heaven and hell. Lilith may not be the prime antagonist, which Rathma -- based on lore -- is perfectly capable of carrying the direct on.Diablo 4 was previously rumored to possess a strong Diablo 2 influence, being darker and grittier. The trailer and all its gory details pretty much hammered that rumor into place.Multiplayer has been a basis of Diablo since the days of studying IP addresses off and Diablo 4 cross-play can take it further than previously. Blizzard confirmed it's working toward Diablo 4 at BlizzCon over the weekend, in which the match has been published. "There are technical specifics and facts to work through with the initial parties, but it's our goal to reach cross-play."

Brief for multiplayer , cross-play means gamers across multiple platforms can join up and play together at the exact same game. A couple of years back it was almost unthinkable that members of their PlayStation and Xbox communities and outside would be able to play. Such as letting parties and buddy lists there are still a few wrinkles, but the fact that it exists is worthy of celebration.

Diablo 4 will take place in a connected world, where you'll occasionally cross paths with other players in the event that you don't go out of your way to team up. The game will support impromptu co-op Globe Events in addition to PvP, though Blizzard is keeping information scarce on the aspects of multiplayer so far. Not only would cross-play make it possible for friends on different platforms to buy Diablo Gold group up (supposing PC players ever stop estimating their console cousins for the lack of high-speed clicking), it would also make it simpler to find people to play with in any given action.
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I have done this several time through the cheap OSRS gold years but unless you can convince a few million others to perform or, all you are doing is dropping your existing rate for a the next jacked up cost they place out. First time I stopped I had been sentenced to $5.99 per month. Then I rejoined and quit in $7.99. In comparison to what I am paying I wouldn't have not paid up to now. However, my purpose is 1 person can't do it.There are about 30k daily runescape gamers to get rs3. Rs3 is what we're worried about in here. Osrs, so far as I know, does not have a problem with MTX yet, and they struck 5m downloads on release of cellular osrs. I don't see how they do not see it.

I am Comped, but there is still a lot more for me to perform. Bought my bonds ago. Next 7, maybe I'll get Trim. Or buy Warden. Or make it. Or even Final Boss. Who knows. But I am definitely going to continue playing because there's a lot of things I want to do, and premier club gives me a means to do that without even opening my wallet. Hell, it saves bonds too. For me, the price is completely worthwhile, if not the very best bang for my buck next to library books for amusement.

Personally, I regretted not getting it. Nevertheless played during the year on 2 - 4 balances and paid full price I played with on without the extra price of premiere. The M+S, lender borrows additional great value to runescape its just a shame it took up just as much dev time since it did. In addition to whats to come with 120 Herb and Farming has me really excited and the new Archaeology Skill. I feel like a community we worry to much about what others think and feel and the way they play runescape. Not saying the total amount of the MTX rolling through this game isn't extreme but its likely to happen in 1 way or another.

TH happens to be a success from the point of view it allows people runescape players in order to add value without sinking as much time into runescape. Allowing them to access the material they want to do faster. Having just started a new alt account I will understand the worth TH adds for all those runescape players with much more money they do time. Having only watched the Monetization QA all of the way through there certainly were a lot of small things which were missed in the TL:DW not saying Suity/ImRubic did a poor job there was just somethings that I dont think were highlighted properly. Especially since they will be coming out with a Dev site this week with more info on the premiere combat pass, something which will add even more value into can you buy rs gold premiere club.
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Because they need better quality people who complain about shit like this is. Yet football fans need to pay the same sum of money as a critically acclaimed game to Mut 20 coins play with a watered down installment of a yearly series.And I know some might say that soccer fans that bought Madden should have never purchased it at all, but the fact of the matter is is that EA has exclusive rights to make NFL video games. Meaning that EA has no competition to create these NFL video games they do not bother to innovate. When folks complain about a game that is $60 not acting as the price suggests then I think that it is warranted.

It takes away from the complaints that are legal. To devote resources and time programming code for a single Madden participant is not worthwhile. Laugh in the video and proceed. It would make your complaints about the rest of Madden worst. I believe everyone thinks, Madden should develop into a stage. Destiny, A la Overwatch. You pay and then pay for upgrades then each years you cover the large 60 dollar refresh. I am sure the nine month turn around isn't fun for developers or fans.

I really don't think people appreciate the pain in the ass that will be. Everybody yearns for new features and sweeping overhauls, then whine when EA does not program special physics for a single Madden participant's left arm from 1500. Absolute insanity. I wish a different approach was taken by them. Like APEX or Fortnite, possess a base game with constant updates and sell each'season'. More people would most likely be inclined to play with because Madden is'free' and forking over 25 for a brand new roster is not as awful as sixty. They could phase out and in MUT. Only offer the cards an expiration date or any shit. I mean that they already expire lol.

Anyone else have this totally rational love for their normal, late round guys who end up pretty decent? I've a lot of guys like that who are somewhat role Madden gamers or cheap Madden nfl 20 coins perhaps a bit better than that however they don't have even have star traits, grow slowly but year after year churns out decent years. This man is my favorite: Marc Granville. I picked up him in year 2 of my franchise in the round. No dev traits, started as a 70 overall and at 75 following three decades. Every year However, dude plays. He's been my beginning LE because his sophomore year.
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Here I am, sitting in the Indianapolis airport, waiting for my flight back to Los Angeles, thinking back over the past weekend.  I had a chance to fly out and join my Dad for the Spartan Super at the Michigan International Speedway.  My Dad is turning 69 in a few days and he has decided to go for his 1st ever Spartan TriFecta!  This was his 2nd stop, earning him his Super TriFecta wedge.  In November I'll be flying out again to join him as he closes it out with the South Carolina Beast!

The event was a lot of fun!  I got to see my Dad's training pay off as he completed some obstacles that had previously given him problems!  I had a few breakthrough moments myself.  My Dad had made a Spear Man in his backyard and being able to train there the day before made all the difference. . .I was able to successfully execute the Granny Throw Technique!

I'll be putting a full event review up at AverageOCRunner in the next few days so make sure to check it out!  Until then, remember to sign up for an event if you haven't. . .then get out there and start training!


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It's been a few weeks since I last posted here and it's NOT because I've gotten lazy!  :)  If anything I might have gotten a little TOO ambitious. . .turns out that I circled the rabbit hole of blogging a bit longer than I should have. . .and then I straight up FELL IN!  :0

What does that mean?  Well, simply put. . .I found I liked blogging so much that I wanted to create my own official 'home-on-the-internet'!  It's taken a lot more time and energy to create a site than I thought it would, but I'm loving the process.  I'm NOT leaving the GoRunaMuck community by ANY means!  You'll still find me in the Forums. . .I'm simply moving my blog to it's own domain.

PLEASE check me out at AverageOCRunner.com and let me know what you think!


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August 4th, 2018. . .the Spartan Super in Asheville, North Carolina was an EPIC event!  Spoiler alert, we finished!

The venue was actually just to the east of Asheville in the city of Black Mountain and it had been POURING down rain the entire week leading up to the event. . .it had been raining so hard that there had been reports of flooding 2 days prior. . .on Friday Spartan sent out an email saying that due to the rain they were having to make a few last minute changes to the course since parts of it were no longer passable!  They promised to do what they could to re-route the course and keep as many of the obstacles as they possibly could. . .but we would want to arrive in 4wd vehicles if at all possible to avoid getting stuck in the parking lots!  Well, when my 16 year old son came to me earlier this year and said he wanted to go for his first TriFecta this year and I committed to help him achieve it. . .we had made the Asheville Super our 'stop number 2'. . .so we borrowed my Brother-In-Law's brand new 4wd truck (Thanks Jessie!) and set off for the muddy unknown!

When we got there we found the entire festival ground was covered in ankle deep mud and clay!  We wisely decided to change into our running shoes while still in the truck so we could keep our normal shoes nice and mud-free!  By the time we finished getting registered, bought our Venue Shirts, dropped off our bag and made our way to the starting line we could no longer even SEE what shoes we were wearing. . .it just looked like we had strapped blocks of muddy-clay to our feet!

The map showed a course of just over 8 miles. . .but as we were told by the official race starter. . ."All the veteran runners know that Spartan's suck at math!  So just round up!"  I clocked the course with my Garmin Forerunner 920XT at just over 9 miles. . .probably due in part to any last minute rerouting they had to do. . .but what an epic 9 miles it was!  

It was over a mile before the first obstacle. . .but a large part of that first mile was a long trudge up thru an engorged river!  When you weren't in the river you were sludging your way thru mud. . .and just when you were sure to have absolutely zero dry patches on your body Spartan was happy to start introducing you to obstacles!  :)  The Vertical Cargo and Hurdle 1 were fairly standard 'up-and-over' obstacles. . .but the conditions of the course started to come into play fairly quickly. . .since everywhere you went you were in mud and clay there was absolutely nowhere to dry your hands.  Since CLAY was mixed in with the mud there was no way to get any real grip on anything.  This actually helped in some degree when we got to the Plate Drag.  For the Plate Drag you have to pull a metal sled that is weighed down with sand bags toward you using a rope that is attached to it. . .once you've pulled it all the way across it's path toward you (about 10 yards) you then grab the short chain on the other side of it to drag it back out for the next guy.  The rope was very slick, of course, so I used a technique where I create a loop in the rope and pull with my hands inside the loop for extra friction. . .once I go the plate moving I found that the clay mixed in with the mud actually seemed to let the plate slide a little easier. . .LITTLE easier!

Next up were the 6 foot and 8 foot walls which we both scaled without much problem. . .it's always nice to get the 8 foot wall earlier in the course before your calves are threatening to cramp up on you!

The Z-Walls were where we encountered our first (yes, first) set of penalty burpees!  They were set in the middle of a bog. . .it actually looked pretty cool since you came out of a forested trail into a clearing that had about a foot of water covering it. . .and standing in the middle were the Z-Walls!  Well, obviously the foot pegs were soaked and the hand grips were not only soaked but coated with mud so getting any kind of grip was VERY tough!  Both my son and I came off the wall during the 'blind-turn' and ended up doing 30 burpees in the muddy bog!  But not to worry because the Multi-Rig was up next. . .as was our NEXT set of 30 burpees for failing it as well!  :)  I'd like to just point out that the burpee zones were fairly packed on this course!

We bounced back to conquer the Inverted Wall, Rope Climb, Tire Flip, Rolling Mud/Dunk Wall, Slip Wall and Olympus along with several miles of steep muddy climps followed by steeper muddier descents. . .and several more river crossings of course!  Having several obstacle victories under our belts we came up to our next impassable obstacle. . .the Monkey Bars.  Now, normally I don't have any problem with the Monkey Bars, but normally my hands aren't slicked down with clay and mud while trying to hold onto slick-wet metal bars. . .so yes, we both joined in on the fun everyone else seemed to be having and did 30 more burpees here!  :)

Next up was the first heavy carry of the day. . .the Sandbag carry.  It actually wasn't all that bad. . .I've had a lot worse carries on other courses. . .and since I HAD BEEN envisioning slipping and falling the entire time I was trying to carry it. . .I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that for the MOST part the carry was on fairly even ground!  There was one part where you had to pretty much slide on your butt down a descent. . .but that was actually kind of fun!  I think the bag only weighed around 70 lbs total, so a little on the lighter side also.  I am NOT complaining here!  :)

After a short distance with the Sandbag we moved on to Hurdle 2 followed by Bender.  This was my sons first time seeing Bender so I coached him thru it.  It can be a bit of a mental challenge at first but he handled it well and completed it!  If you don't know what it is, it's a series of horizontal metal pipes that start at about 6 feet off the ground and curve back and over your head. . .there is about a foot gap between each pipe and at the top it's probably around 12 feet tall?  I'm guessing here. . .anyway. . .the hard part is that you are climbing up a 'wall' of pipes that curves back and over you so you end up somewhat upside-down near the top where you have to pull yourself over and then back down the other side.  I may not be describing it that well. . .just know that it was challenging and I'm proud of my son for completing it!  :)

After another short trail section we came to a small clearing along a cliff side that treated us to both a beautiful view AND the chance to be among the first ever Spartan Racers to attack the Great Wall. . .a brand new obstacle being introduced for the first time ever on a Spartan Course!  I really liked this obstacle. . .not because I was GREAT at it or anything. . .I DID successfully complete the obstacle, but it wasn't exactly easy for me!  The challenge was to be able to pull yourself up the wall using the rock-climbing hand grips far enough that you could get a foot on the lower hand grips. . .once you did that then the rest was easy!  But with the hand grips being slick with (you guessed it) mud and clay it made it extra challenging to feel like you could pull your weight up the wall without your hands slipping off the grips. . .however after a few efforts of pulling myself up and narrowly avoiding slipping back down I managed to get up high enough that I was standing on the lowest hand holds and let out a pent-up 'Aroo'!  I got to say, it felt really good to have finished this obstacle!  It's always fun to come across a new challenge on the course and be able to complete it!  I hope to see this one on more courses in the near future.

Another trail section led us to The Armer (think Atlas Ball with a short chain) and then our next set of 30 burpees. . .the dreaded Twister.  This obstacle is the bane of my existence!  Not only have a never successfully completed the Twister. . .I've never even come close!  I keep trying to work on my grip strength but it seems that this obstacle continually has my number. . .when the day comes that I finally crack the code on this one I'm going to feel absolutely invincible!

More trail in and out of forest. . .up and down muddy hills. . .across and thru rivers we went stopping along the way to conquer the A-Frame Cargo, Atlas Carry, 7 foot Wall, Bucket Brigade, and Barbwire Crawl (which I got my hair stuck in while rolling. . .guess I need a haircut?)  This led us to the Spear Throw and our final set of 

penalty burpees!  I don't think it matters how much I read about different techniques on this one. . .I hear some people say that it's pretty much a 50/50 chance if you're going to make it or not, but in my experience I've only made it 2x out of the 11 races I've completed, so there's a greater chance of me missing than making it right now!  I HOPE to change that soon!  :)  But at this point in the race we were in the final gauntlet of obstacles and could literally see the finish line so we finished out our burpees in good spirits knowing that there wasn't much else between us and our well earned finisher's medals!

We made quick work of the Connex Bridge and the Hercules Hoist before leaping across the Fire Jump and earning our right to leave the course having successfully earned our finishers medal and shirts. . .but most importantly. . .having earned the shiny blue triangle piece to my sons first ever Spartan TriFecta!  Two pieces earned. . .one left to go!  It took us 5 hours and 8 minutes to complete this one, but complete it we did!  I think I'd have to say that this venue has become my favorite so far and if you ever get the chance and are up for a good challenge. . .this is definitely a course that I would highly recommend!  Just make sure to bring a good attitude and a GREAT pair of OCR shoes!  Traction is a MUST for your feet on this course!  Be ready to encounter a lot of mud and water. . .but also great people, awesome scenery, and the chance to create some really spectacular memories!  Aroo!

*all photos courtesy of Spartan.com. . .I forgot my camera!  Thanks Spartan.com for taking and sharing such wonderful shots!

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It's now just under 1 week until the Spartan Super in Asheville, N.C. so you know what that means . . . (or maybe you don't)  . . . it's Carb Load and Hydration Week!

(you:) What is Carb Load and Hydration Week?

Good question!  It's the BEST part of any training schedule!  It's the 6 days leading up to an event where you TAKE A BREAK from any training you have been doing, take it easy, and allow your body to RECOVER so you are well rested for your event!

(you:) But why is it called Carb Load and Hydration Week instead of Be Lazy and Rest Week?

Another great question!  Up until this point your emphasis has been on TRAINING. . .but for these 6 glorious days you shift that emphasis to EATING and DRINKING ONLY!  Of course, you need to be smart about what kind of foods you are eating and what liquids you are drinking. . .think of this as the period of time where you ALREADY have your body as physically prepared as it's going to be (if you haven't got it trained up yet, nothing in these 6 days is going to really tip the scales in your favor) and now you need to make sure it's properly fueled and well oiled.  (Food is the fuel and Liquids are the oil).

(you:) Why do you call it a Week when it's only 6 days?

Really?  Come on. . .I think you're getting caught up in the minutia and missing the bigger point here. . .but it stems from most of my events being on a Saturday and it being easier for me to mentally assign Sunday as the start of my training week. . .so the Carb Load and Hydration Week starts on Sunday and ends at the Event. . .I've gotten so used to the 6 days that even when I have a Sunday event I will slide the start of my Carb Load and Hydration Week to Monday so as to stay with 6 days.

(you:) Just how many times are you going to say Carb Load and Hydration Week in this post?

. . .moving on!

During this 6 days I try to make sure that the majority of my food is high in Carbs. . .Pasta, Bread, Nuts. . .balance in a few fruits also (of course). . .but around day 5 I will cut back on anything high in fiber, and on day 6 I will cut it out completely.  The Carb aspect is easy enough to understand. . .if you've been training regularly and pushing yourself up to this point, then your body has become used to the fact that it's going to need to store carbs in your muscle tissue in order to have them readily available for 'quick-burn-energy'. . .so when you eat a lot of carbs during these 6 days your body will continue doing what it's learned to do and store them up. . .do this correctly by taking it easy for these 6 days and your body will not be burning off the carbs like it normally would during your training, essentially creating a large stockpile of fuel ready for easy access come race day!  I cut back on the fiber when I do simply because I've learned that my body reacts better on race day the less my digestive tract has to think about. . .and fiber gives it TOO MUCH to think about, if you know what I mean. . .if you don't. . .just realize that the only MOVEMENT I want on race day is my body moving around the course!

Hydration is also a pretty easy concept to understand. . .you want to make sure that your muscles and joints are properly lubricated so that they slide and move easily without grinding and tearing. . .like oil in a car engine!  It wouldn't matter how much gas you put in your car, if you didn't keep the engine properly lubricated it's going to break down!  Likewise, you can Carb Load properly and have all the energy stores you need. . .but if you don't properly Hydrate then you are going to run a very high risk of injuring your joints or muscles!  Now, simply drinking a lot of water might seem like a good idea. . .and it's honestly NOT BAD. . .but you might actually find that you have MORE muscle cramps if you do.

(you:) Wait a minute. . .you said I should hydrate. . .but now you are saying I'll get muscle cramps?

Simply drinking MORE WATER can cause a greater chance of muscle cramps on your race day BECAUSE it causes you to pee more AND you will be peeing away some very valuable electrolytes that you'll NEED on race day!  You need to be putting electrolytes BACK INTO your body AS you hydrate in order to balance this out!  SO. . .what I have learned works is a basic 2 - 1 mixture of an electrolyte drink to water.  For me, it looks like this:  2 20oz bottles of Gatorade and 1 20oz bottle of water a day.  I'll simply refill one of the 20oz bottles of Gatorade with water after I'm done with it.  That's 60oz of liquid a day with a 2 -1 mixture ration of electrolyte drink and water!  You might drink more or less than that, but the important part is that you replenish your body with electrolytes as you up the liquid amount so that come race day you are well lubricated AND less prone to cramps!

Now, you CAN do SOME exercise during this 6 week period. . .but I highly advise against anything that pushes you at all!  I'll emphasize stretching just to keep loose. . .and maybe around day 4 I'll do a VERY short VERY light jog with full equipment just as a mental shake down so that I know everything feels good in my joints and muscles. . .and to squelch any final nagging issues with gear choices.  But really, the hardest part of this 6 day period should be that you KNOW you are only a few days away from that event you've been training for. . .and there's nothing else left to do from a training standpoint. . .you're either physically ready or you aren't. . .so all you can do at this point is rest, eat, drink, and wish that you could just start already!

For me, I've been checking the weather reports for the Asheville area (black mountains just east of Asheville actually) and so far it shows a high of 83 degrees and scattered thunderstorms!  It can all change quickly in the next few days. . .but I'm mentally prepping myself for constant rain!  I'm running it with my 16 year old son and it will be his 1st Spartan Super (8-10 miles, 24-29 obstacles). . .he's done Spartan Sprints before (3-5 miles, 20-23 obstacles) but this will be his second stop on his first ever Spartan TriFecta (doing all 3 distances in 1 calendar year. . .Sprint, Super, and Beast)!  I'm really looking forward to seeing him accomplish his goal and it's shaping up to be a great event with the possibility of some 'interesting' weather!

My next post will be a little delayed due to traveling. . .but it will be a recap of the event!  Until then, I'm going to get back to my rigorous schedule of eating, drinking and resting!

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It's been a while since my last post. . .I suppose that can speak toward the fact that I'm not only an AVERAGE JBOB runner, but also an AVERAGE JBOB blog poster as well!

I never meant to have this blog be a guide for how one should train. . .which is GOOD because I don't think it has become that!  I only say that to underline the fact that this blog should be read with the idea that it's simply a window into the life of someone who started running for their health and then continued running because they got a sense of accomplishment out of it!  Sometimes it feels like I haven't been doing this for very long, but I looked at my race event shirts over the weekend and my earliest one was a 5K from November 2013.  I wouldn't say I was serious about running back then but it is a clear marker of when I started.  Back then I saw 3.1 miles as a long distance that should be achievable and was very unhappy with the knowledge that I could barely cover it without feeling like I was going to DIE!  Lagging behind the rest of my family (wife and 3 boys) who were ALL faster than me was not what I wanted out of life and it spurred me on.  Not that I wanted to beat them (sure I did) but because I wanted to LEAD them by EXAMPLE.  To show them that working at something and pushing yourself to move forward when it isn't easy is not only worthwhile, but EXPECTED.  That the only way you can ever truly be a 'loser' is if you quit.  Not winning a race does not make you a 'loser'. . .as long as you continue to finish what you start and continue to work toward improvement, then in my book you are just as good as the guy getting first place!  In fact, I believe it's easier to continue running races when you win than when you finish in the middle or back of the pack.  You won't be celebrated by anyone other than yourself and maybe a few friends and family, and yet you continue to work just as hard (as what you are able) as the guy getting all the glory on the finisher podium.

At least that's my mindset as one of those guys who finishes in the middle of the pack!  :)

Anyway. . .I'm currently working toward being ready for my next event AND my next milestone in running!  My next event is only 12 days away on August 4th.  It's a Spartan Super in Asheville, North Carolina. . .and I'm running it with my 16 year old son who I'm proud to say decided to go for his 1st ever Spartan TriFecta this year AFTER he had an absolutely horrible experience at the Spartan Sprint at Dodger Stadium.  It wasn't his first Spartan Sprint, in fact it was his 4th, but he was determined that Spartan wasn't his thing and it would be his final event. . .not sure if he didn't train for it enough or just had a bad day, but it kicked his butt so hard that he was seriously demoralized by mid course and didn't want me to run with him anymore since he was sure he was holding me back. . .I went ahead of him on his request and I think being left to his own thoughts he came to the conclusion that he wouldn't be happy if he quit doing Spartans and had his final event crush him.  So after the event he surprised me by announcing that he wanted to finish out his TriFecta!  If you don't know what that is. . .Spartan has 3 basic length categories for their events: Sprint = 3-5 miles, Super = 8-10 miles, and Beast = 12-14 miles. . .the longer the distance the more the obstacles with the Beast having up to 35!  You earn your TriFecta by completing all 3 event lengths in one calendar year.  So this next event I'm running is with him and it's his first ever Super!  I'm looking forward to it and it's been good to see how hard he's pushing himself to be ready!  If he allows me to pace with him I hope to be a good encouragement to him, but if he wants to run by himself I hope to be ok with that too!  :)

The next milestone I'm training for is my first full marathon.  I'm planning on running the L.A. Marathon on March 24th in 2019.  I'm not using any 'training plan' on an app for it since I have other events between that I need to be ready for, but rather I'm simply trying to increase my distance by extending my long run.  Every couple of weeks I do a longer road run than normal and this past Saturday was the first time I have ever run 15 miles in one go.  Now, the term 'running' might be a bit misleading since it would probably look more like slow jogging since I'm trying to train my slow-twitch muscles at the same time. . .it took me just over 3 hours to do and by the end my joints were very sore and I was walking for short distances for the last couple of miles.  I think I'll keep my long run at 15 miles for a while and extend it again once I feel more comfortable with this length.

After the run my feet were pretty sore, but not too sore that I couldn't get my boys and walk down to the local 7-11 for a round of slurpee's!  The walk was around 1.5 miles round trip and I must say that it felt good to walk. . .by the end my feet were not as sore as they had been, so it was probably a good cool down.  Besides, I really needed the complex sugars!  It was 100 degrees out by that time!  When I started my 15 mile run it was upper 70's, and by the time I finished it was 100!

The other thing I did over the weekend was go to the local Gym with my 16 year old so we could toss around some weight in preparation for the upcoming Spartan. . .he's really thin and conscious about the amount he can lift since he feels like he's not as strong as other kids. . .I can understand since that was ME at his age. . .honestly it took me until I was in my 20's before I started being able to gain any kind of muscle. . .we're more built for speed than contact. . .but he's come a long ways!  I really hope he sees a good payoff for his training with this event.  I'll report back how it went afterward.  I'm just really proud that he didn't let his bad experience define his abilities, but rather he looked the Spartan Race series straight in the eye, got back up and signed up for the TriFecta!  Not being willing to go out on his back, he's swinging for the fences!  I know it's inspiring to me and pushes me forward in my training. . .I don't want to be the one who cannot keep up with him!  :)

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