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It's been a good week for training. . .and by that I mean that I actually got out there and trained this last week!  I didn't have to stay late for work, so that excuse was right out the window. . .I had my plan already set for me, so I didn't have the "not sure what to do" excuse. . .and the weather was, well, it's California so the weather was nice.  A bit hot during the day, yes, but I do most of my outdoor running during early evening or night when it's cooler AND I had a few indoor activities planned out so even the heat wasn't an excuse!  The point is. . .I was able to stick to my plan and ACTUALLY TRAIN!  It felt great!

I'm not going to say that mentally I wanted to train each and every time, but I have found that sometimes the BEST SESSIONS I've had came from when I REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO START!  Sometimes after sitting in traffic for a LONG TIME just trying to get home after work, the LAST thing I want to do is lace up my running shoes and go BACK OUTSIDE, especially when I COULD be sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and eating dinner while watching American Ninja Warrior (oh. . .the IRONY. . .watching someone else do physical exercise instead of doing it myself)!  BUT IN THOSE TIMES when I can fight through the cloud of complacency and actually get outside and begin running. . .that's when I find I have some of my best runs.  It's that victory over that little voice in my head that tries to tell me what my limitations are, wether they be physical or simply a lack of willpower. . .that little victory of being able to get out the door of comfort and stumble into those forced first few steps that turn into a journey. . .when you get a mile down the road and realize that your mind has shed it's fog from the day and your body falls into the routine you've been building it to accept. . .

Ok. . .I'm realizing now that this post is getting a bit too far up its own backside. . .I don't have a ton of massive physical endurance accomplishments to brag about or anything like that. . .I simply went outside this week and ran when I didn't feel like doing so. . .I went to a few new classes at my local Gym (new to me) to try and broaden my training routine. . .and it turns out that I enjoyed all of it!  I wasn't sure about doing the trail run I had scheduled for Saturday because my wife had asked me to join her at a new class at our local Gym. . .I went and it was way more intense that I had planned for, so spent a good deal of the rest of the day mentally telling myself it would be fine to skip the trail run. . .and maybe it would have been, except for the fact that I had made it part of my training plan and didn't want to cross it off my list simply because it seemed like it would be difficult to do when I felt 'worn out'.  Finally, in the late afternoon I silenced the inner voice, grabbed my trail shoes and headed out.  I'm glad I did.  I saw so many wild rabbits hoping around it was like the opening to a Disney movie!  I caught up on a few podcasts I hadn't been able to listen to, broke a good sweat, got some good hill climbs in, and at the end of my run, was treated to one of the better sunsets I've seen in my area.  I would have missed all that if I'd simply stayed home because I'd already worked out that day. . .I would probably have been justified for doing so, but there was an extra reward for me in knowing that not only had I stuck to my original plan when I didn't have to, but I proved to myself that I could do the extra workout as well, and that's honestly something that will pay off for me in my next Spartan Race (there's always some extra effort required you didn't know you needed!)

This post might have rambled a bit. . .but if there is anything I'd want you to take away from having read it, it would be to realize that most of the time when you are dreading doing a workout, HONESTLY, the hardest part of that workout will be simply STARTING.  Once you do that part, the rest will take care of itself.


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Ok, so if you are like me, you sat down, looked at your upcoming race schedule, charted out a training plan that would make you BULLETPROOF for your next event, and then promptly got saddled with a project at work that required lots of overtime and missed almost all of your first week of training!  That's right. . .I just went from completely mapped out for the next 2 months to completely off-track in 1 week!    Luckily it's not the first time this has happened to me. 

"Luckily?  What do you mean?  Sounds UN-lucky to me!"

I'm glad you asked. . .you see, I say "Luckily" because I've learned that it's not the end of a training plan when you get de-railed, it simply means it's time to pick and choose what you CAN still do and continue to move forward.  Remember, you've already signed up for your up-coming event and that Starting Line isn't getting any further away. . .you simply now have the opportunity to get as ready for it as life allows you to be.  Regardless, you are going to show up, toe the starting line and find your way to the finish. . .how well you perform between those two lines is up to you (and life).

SO. . .this last week was SUPPOSED to look like this:

Monday:          Swim Laps at Gym

Tuesday:         BootCamp at Gym

Wednesday:     Yoga Class at Gym

Thursday:        Running, Medium Distance, 6 miles, ZONE 4

Friday:             REST

Saturday:         Running, Long Distance, 10 miles, ZONE 2

Sunday:           Weight Lifting at Gym / Bucket Carry

But due to my work schedule it turned into this:

Monday:          Swim Laps at Gym (this was on a Company Holiday)

Tuesday:         WORK LATE

Wednesday:     WORK LATE

Thursday:        Attend son's 8th Grade Graduation

Friday:             WORK LATE

Saturday:         Running, Long Distance, 9.83 miles, ZONE 2 & 4

Sunday:           Weight Lifting at Gym

As you can see, I missed 3 out of the 6 planned workouts in my first week of my new schedule, I didn't quite hit my full 10 miles of my planned Long Distance day, and I cut the Bucket Carry completely.  I only did about 40-50% of my plan, which statistically speaking, would be an 'F'!

HOWEVER. . .I've learned over the years that this will happen and it DOES NOT mean that my training is wrecked!  Training is simply preparing yourself for something. . .and when you get 'de-railed' in your schedule, try to take it as an additional challenge.  Sometimes life doesn't go as you planned it would, but that shouldn't mean that you no longer can succeed. . .it just might change what success looks like.  What I should see from this past week is that when it got difficult to continue training I was still able to manage 40-50% and count that as a win.  Too many weeks of that and I know that I will not be at my best for my next event, but it also means that being successful has just been re-defined to finishing the event instead of getting a PR (Personal Record).  Also, it gives me the chance to practice the ability to ADAPT.  

I didn't get my medium distance run in, but I still had the opportunity to get my long distance run in so I took it. . .it was supposed to be 10 miles but i mis-calculated and only got 9.83, but I got the bulk of it done. . .it was also supposed to be a ZONE 2 run (slow jog) but by the time I was able to start it was already 8pm and I didn't want to take the full 2.5 hours so I changed it up to a ZONE 2 & ZONE 4 Interval Run (slow jog & race pace). . .I didn't do the Bucket Carry but I was able to get the Weight Training in and decided to make it a Leg Day since I missed my medium distance run.

I adapted because LIFE called for me too. . .and it looks like I might have to do that again this coming week if work stays as busy as it looks like it might be. . .but I'm not going to quit my training. . .I'm simply going to keep as close to the plan as I can and ADAPT what I have to. . .it will all work out in the end because regardless of what happens between now and then. . .come August 4th I'm going to be jumping over the Starting Wall for a Spartan Super in Asheville, NC. . .and sometime after that I'll find my way to the finish line.  Then it will be time to re-group, plan for the next event, and see what life brings!



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