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Hey, has been curious Dofus Kamas what peoples leveling routes look like for Dofus retro.We've done gobs, blops, kanis and involving me and a buddy our total personalities are about lvl 45ea/lvl360 complete. Been struggling to locate Kani mobs which are 300+ on account of the demand so we have been hard ourselves with pandulums and panda mobs while making some Dofus kamas off awkwa/aerdala drops. But the fights have been slow for the most part.Current plan for this weekend is to conduct dungeons and soul the boss rooms because we completed bulb before this week. Any info on good/quick leveling areas for a group of personalities wanting to reach this weekend to 54 +? - Working on converting Sadi to +dmg for rats maybe but need to conduct dopples to reset will need & spells to purchase/drop her gear for it.

Depends what you're farming but certain mobs have another levels. You don't want to be overleveling struggles. A group of Level 500 players from a level 200 group will give no xp.In the scenario that I gave, rats, the level limit is 400 at the most but about 300 is better overall. So optimally that's 1 damage sadi 1 leech (equal amounts so approximately 140-180 ish) then there's around 150 degrees left for 6 team members, so around level 25 with 90 percent xp into guild.Whenever leveling you desire a complete team as far as you can because having those additional characters increases the xp for everybody through an xp multiplier. The mathematics is about the page for xp. However, you can not overlevel you wind up losing xp with the addition of some extra characters and that xp multiplier or fights does not matter.

Better off focusing on two or three characters that can carry, so your damage traders like iop cra, and keeping the remainder low level before your carries can pull ahead with black rat spirits to degree the remainder of the group as they support your own carries (like enu, eni, panda etc, all courses that don't need levels or expensive equipment to contribute, but they do need a carry damage dealer).That's the best way to play as a team, obviously do not need to perform optimally but you asked me to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro describe what I meant and this is it.

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